Date Picker

$(document).ready(function() {
Usage with options (example)
$(document).ready(function() {
	var options = {
		date : '15/05/2009',
		dateMask : 'dddd dd mmmm yyyy',
		onHide : function(instance) {
			alert('Instance number '+instance.index+' hidden !');
Options available (with default value)
titleMask        'mmm yy'               title mask
dateMask         'dd/mm/yyyy'           date mask used to write attribute value
attribute        'value'                attribute of "input" element to set when selected
firstDayOfWeek   1                      0 = sunday, 1 = monday, .... 6 = saturday
setOnLoad        false                  init input date by date of current day
inline           false                  inline calendar or not
lang             null                   'fr' or 'en'
date             null                   initial date to set
setPosition      true                   whether to set absolute position of calendar
notEmpty         false                  whether to allow empty value or not (allowed by default)
offset           { top: 25, left: 0 }   offset position of the input element (if setPosition is true)
onShow           null                   callback when shown
onHide           null                   callback when hidden
onSelect         null                   callback when selected
Driving the calendar
var input = document.getElementById('my_input');
obj.jCalendar.show()                    show the calendar
obj.jCalendar.hide()                    hide the calendar
obj.jCalendar.getDate()                 get the JS date object of the calendar
obj.jCalendar.getDateFormat()           get the date with mask of the calendar